Thursday, April 5, 2012

Art in my life

I am a huge abstract and psychedelic art fan. I love viewing such art because it takes me to a place where i try to understand what this person was trying to express through his or her creation. I also love religious Renaissance art which i will also be showing all of you. What kind of art do you guys like, if any? I personally believe art can be any form of expression which in a sense, captures the viewer to think or be in awe.

One of my favorite artists is a man by the name of Alex Grey.

One of his first jobs was being a mortician which he learned the human anatomy which is how he learned to give such detail to the biological part of his paintings.

Through his life and his personal spiritual experiences he began to express the layer we cannot see with our physical eyes,

but with our connection with a higher consciousness, our heart and our third eye all connected.

                 He expresses his life, through his heart and minds eye. From copulation,
                   To the pregnancy of his wife and the stages in utero,
                                   to the birth of his daughter,
                               full of life, purity and wonderment,

                                 spiritually connected, with new life
                                      and the bond between them all.

                                     One a scaled level we are one unified,

                                   living together in this dualistic world,

                    all on a journey, whether we wish to follow that path to grow,

                     or to succumb to the suffering and live in sorrow.

                                           We all shall live

                                        searching for that light,

                                    though one thing is for certain, we all will die.

Copyright of the paintings in this article acknowledged, and are used under fair use for illustrative and informational purposes only.


  1. these things are beautiful..i believe in the chakras :)

  2. lol these pictures reminds me on LSD :P

    but synw check out ur inbox bro. ;)

  3. alex grey fan! i have these all arounf the house.

    good stuff

  4. love the first one but I enjoyed all of them

  5. Interesting art...I myself am the biggest fan of surrealism, but every type of art is interesting to me, if it is well done. This is done well...

  6. those baby pics are pretty intense hah

  7. looks like something you'd see while on lsd

  8. Sick stuff man looking forward to your next post :D

  9. psychedelic art is wonderful

  10. these are amazing man. way to find the best art!!! followed.

  11. nice art... did not like the baby ones... pretty gross lol

  12. Nice post! Following!

  13. Reminds me a handful of certain tryptamines!

  14. Wow, these are amazing to say the least. I wasn't aware that psychedelic art existed until i read your blog. Following!