Sunday, April 8, 2012

The easter bunny

Don't believe in the Easter bunny? Well neither do I. In many westernized cultures we have been celebrating Easter by buying peeps, cadbury eggs, hunting for plastic easter eggs with various candies inside them. Some also go to church sunday morning to celebrate the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Call your attorney and slap your priest in the face because what if I told you Easter and it's original celebration is symbolic and was celebrated as a religious ceremony regarding psychoactive mushrooms, the hunt to find them and the reward once ingested?

The premature Amanita Muscaria mushroom.

Before the amanita mushroom is fully mature, an egg shaped body springs from the ground and pushes the pine needles aside forming a circular bed that looks like a birds nest. When this happens, the appearance is of eggs in a birds nest that has fallen from the trees. When the premature amanita muscaria mushrooms are taken from the ground, the remaining imprint is that of a rabbit hole. During these times families with their children searched throughout the surrounding forests in early spring with woven baskets to search and collect these mushrooms for religious purposes upon the ingestion. In some Germanic and christian traditions, they feast on colored eggs after a long fast for lent symbolizing the fast that is needed to purify the body for the ingestion and strong effects of the amanita muscaria.

Found one!

The ties with this mushroom and the christian ideology of Christ's resurrection can be understood easily if you look at the mushrooms cycle of life. Could the resurrection of Jesus Christ be symbolic for a magical mushrooms life cycle?

  1. The base of the mushroom itself, mycelium. Though this mycelium, millions of spores are potential candidates to create amanita eggs.
  2. The mycelium has matched up two spores and combine to create the egg.
  3. The egg is born into the new fruiting body of the amanita muscaria.
  4. The amanita muscaria body is mature and has millions of spores in its gills.
  5. If the mushroom is not picked by this stage, the gills curl and spray the area with spores and the mushroom has died. Days later...RESURRECTION!
Just like the mythos of the resurrection of the phoenix.

“The Phoenix: From the ashes (spores) the egg appears. Then comes the upturned cap resembling a gold and red colored bird (the gills as feathers). Then the heat (sun) burns the mushroom and it dissolves, once again leaving only ashes (spores), and finally repeating the whole cycle … The Phoenix-bird mythology is another piece of mushroom folklore. As the fetus is generated in the furnace of the uterus, so the mushroom, that ‘evil ferment of the soil’, as Nicander (second century BC) calls it, is created, a womb within a womb, as it were. Like the fabulous Phoenix, the mushroom is self-generated and regenerated, bursting forth from the volva, only to die as quickly and then apparently miraculously to reappear, a resurrection of its own self. -James Arthur, “Mushrooms and Mankind”

Is the body of christ a psychoactive mushroom? Did many religious sects get the whole story wrong or whitewashed along the years?

Is all this suffering in the name of god and anti-god truly needed? Are we as a culture totally contaminated?

Happy Easter, regardless if you believe in God, the Easter bunny or eating some fine mushrooms.


  1. I am actually from germany and as far as i know this mushroom story is false. I never heard it about but after i read your blog entry, i checked out some german encyclopedia and it is told the easter eggs are from „benedictio ovorum“ in 12th century. The Easter liturgy itself is from paganism.
    But this is an interesting found anyways. :)

  2. I had heard this before, but completely forgotten about it until now! Very informative.

    Really liking all of your features so far... you enjoy Stephen Colbert and Alex Grey, I bet we would get along really well in real life.

  3. Really interesting, thanks!

  4. Quite interesting and informative,I really like your blog

  5. Wait a second... I thought that the Easter bunny was a descendant of Saint Peter and that the Pope colors eggs to keep the secret alive. South Park wouldn't steer me wrong.

  6. very intredasting...i am gonna find out more about it...thanks

  7. hmm, that's quite interesting