Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Your open faced book.

I'm sure many of you have and haven't heard about the website your open book. Youropenbook is a website showing the privacy flaws in the social media website we all know of.

On the website youropenbook, you can essentially look up any keyword of your choice and it will perform a search of the most recent people using that word in their posts.

Oh the irony!

Although you cannot look up specific people and spy on what they say, you can still type in their names and see if anyone has mentioned them.

Watch out Bill Nye! There are people talking about you.

The majority of these peoples profiles are private and still have flaws which leave them open to observant and prying eyes for those who wish to know. Not only is this social media's website privacy laws very transparent, they don't work! I typed my name into google once and it showed a picture of myself, taken from this website which i had deleted years ago. This website has the right to sell it's users information anyway it can benefit the company who's buying. Just like any type of data mining site, your pictures, thoughts, and your friends and families pictures and thoughts are all being recorded,profiled, packaged and sold to the highest bidder.

This quote was found on this website and is the slogan used by youropenbook to point out his feelings towards the users. Is it out of context? Sure. But it still points out his lack of ethics during the upbringing of the website. So what do you think could be said now on this man's power trip and rise to fame. Has his ego taken over his heart?

In my next post i'm going to go in depth more about the problems with personal privacy and the possibilities of a bigger picture for what this website could possibly be used for by various 3 letter government agencies and whether you care or not about what you say, it is being profiled. Just like how this post will be saved and profiled in my name.


  1. I'm not sure who to blame here... Facebook for being scumbags or the users themselves for agreeing to the ToS and then complaining...

  2. Cool didnt know about this

  3. "They trust me" I always hate facebook but i dont blame people fo using it nowadays its almost essential

  4. Although I don't like facebook I use it

  5. sounds neat, I will definately try it out

  6. facebook is very good for communicating i think..but yeah a lot of things there sucks big time...shitload of spam

  7. like silan said, there is to much spam on facebook